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Consider a future where you are rewarded for your entrepreneurial spirit, innovative thinking, and professional leadership skills while building your own business with support from a leader in its profession that is as committed to your success as you are. Become a member of the M&A Advisory team at Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions Inc.

M&A Advisory Services is a growing industry. With the aging population of small to mid-sized enterprise owners, there are opportunities in our profession for competent and professional M&A Advisors.

Our Advisors operate as independent contractors, enjoying a great deal of personal and professional freedom while leveraging their existing knowledge and experience into a new and lucrative professional career. They come from a diverse background including previous business owners, accounting, law, finance, real estate, engineering, business administration, sales, marketing, and more.

If you are searching for a career that will challenge your knowledge and skills, provide personal and professional growth in a personal, professional, and financially rewarding environment, then please consider joining our team of professional M&A Advisors. This is a tremendous opportunity to pave your own way in a meaningful profession where you help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals and accomplish their dreams.

To help achieve your goal and become a part of the new generation of professional M&A Advisors, who are redefining our profession, we provide a personalized education and development plan that includes an initial 10-module training program covering all fundamentals of business, over a 2-week period, plus ongoing coaching and peer mentoring to help you refine the skills you’ll use every day.

If you are ready to rise to your next challenge, especially if you recently sold your business, please contact us.

Current Openings

M&A Advisor (BC Mainland, Northern BC, Okanagan & Vancouver Island)

About the Position

M&A advisory is a growing industry. With the aging population of small to mid-sized enterprise owners, there are opportunities in our field for competent and professional M&A Advisors.

Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions Inc. (“Pacific”) is a Vancouver-based North American leader in the M&A Advisory Profession. With leading edge technology, processes and procedures, extensive local knowledge, international affiliates and a global reach from their supportive downtown Vancouver corporate office, Pacific is expanding their Advisory team and are looking for well-balanced, educated, motivated, and results-oriented individuals with a burning desire to succeed in helping their clients achieve their objectives through teamwork, problem solving abilities, people and negotiating skills, and a high level of professionalism and integrity resulting in a six-figure income.

This is a commission-based business with earning potential limited only by one’s own limitations.

In business since 2005, the professionals at Pacific are visionaries, and well respected, trusted professional leaders in the field.

As an M&A Advisor working with a team of professionals, you will be responsible for business development, analyzing, valuing, and positioning businesses for sale, while managing the transaction process from start to finish in the $500,000 to $50,000,000 space.

Pacific is a team of integrity-based professionals with processes and methodologies based on a “consultative, advisory, and problem solving” approach.

Selling, buying, or merging a business is more than just a financial transaction, it is a multi-faceted life changing event for many of our clients that require your skills in financing, accounting, law, entrepreneurship, psychology, people, negotiations, and much more, and where solving problems and creating successful seller and buyer relationships is key to their, and your success.

You have the opportunity to work alongside other professionals in helping entrepreneurs in their quest to exit and divest, or enter business ownership as a “Trusted Advisor”.

While you will operate as a self-employed contractor / entrepreneur, the office provides full support in every aspect from training and education to planning, marketing, administration, and all in a team environment with state of the art technology to help drive your success from anywhere you are. While independent, you are a strong team player with the ability to take advantage of our proprietary, systematic processes and procedures, cloud-based leading edge technology, CRM, data / deal rooms, proprietary valuation and management software, internal marketing and SEO, and much more.

Skills and Qualifications

The ideal candidate is located in BC Mainland, Northern BC, Okanagan, and Vancouver Island, and has the following skills or characteristics:

  • Entrepreneurially-spirited
  • Clear knowledge and understanding of business fundamentals and entrepreneurship (previous or retired entrepreneurs are preferred candidates)
  • A proven track record with experience working with small to mid-sized businesses
  • MS Office competency
  • Highly organized, focused, and principle-minded
  • Ability to solve problems and take initiatives
  • Ability to facilitate, direct, organize, monitor, and track numerous ongoing deals and / or transactions, clients, and prospects or leads
  • Focused and respectful of confidentiality and professionalism

While professional industry-specific training is provided, marketing, project management, accounting, law, finance, sales management, commercial real estate, investment banking are well suited backgrounds. Strong organizational skills are an asset.

This is not an easy business, but an exciting, challenging, and incredibly rewarding career opportunity if you are the right person and are willing to take the resources given and put them to work with your skills and abilities. This is the ideal career / position for individuals looking for an entrepreneurial career and a supportive team environment.


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