Other Businesses Sold

Artisan Breads, Pastries and Baked Goods Wholesalers
Exterior Residential Services to Strata Companies
Dating Service Companies
Beauty Industry Wholesalers
HVAC Maintenance and Service Companies
Boutique Moving and Storage Companies
Retail: Custom Framing, Art and Gift Stores
Disposal Services
Car Rental Companies
Retail: High End Optical Boutiques
Catering Businesses
Construction Services to Strata Managements
Vocational Training Schools
Distribution Construction and Mechanical Sectors
Architectural and Engineering Firms
Bottled Water Companies
Distributors of Food Products
Building Supplies
Dollar Stores
Agricultural Enterprises including Vineyards
Car Cleaning Businesses
Driving Schools
Architectural Firms
Catering Businesses
Electrical Contractors
Art Galleries
Cedar Fencing Companies
Engraving Stores Commercial and Retail
Auto Body Shops
Cement Plants
Fire Protection Service, Distribution, and Manufacturing
Auto Parts Distributors and Suppliers
Charter Companies
Flooring Companies
Auto Repair Shops
Food Manufacturing Companies
Auto Parts Distributors and Suppliers
Commercial Cleaning Companies
Franchise Resales in Multiple Sectors
Auto Transmission Shops
Concrete Artificial Rock Work, Pools, and Stamped
Freight Forwarders
Concrete Constructions Companies
General Contracting
B2B Service Companies
Concrete Forming
Graphics Companies
B2C Service Companies
Concrete Paving Companies
Hard Goods Distribution Companies
Cosmetics Manufacturing and Distribution
Ice Cream and Gelato Stores
Bicycle Stores
Courier Companies
Industrial Supply of Fasteners and Fittings
Boat Dealerships
Courier, Freight, and Trucking Companies
Insurance Agencies and Brokerage
Book Bindery Services
Granite Fabricators
Light Manufacturing Companies
Glass Companies
Handyman Services
Management of Playgrounds
Gyms and Fitness Centers
Human Resources and Search Services
Manufacturers of Marine Controls, Steering, and Breaking Systems
Home Renovators Restoration Companies
Importers of Food Products
Meat Processors
Importers and Distribution Companies
Insurance Agencies
Medical and Laser Treatment Companies
Insurance Adjusters
Landscaping Companies
Movable Enclosure Manufacturers
Machine Shops
Office Furniture Manufacturers
Liquor Stores
Manufacturers of Kitchen Cabinetry and Mill Work
Painting Companies
Manufacturers of Crackers and Other Baked Goods
Marine Repair Business
Print Shops
Medical and Dental Supply Companies
Mechanical and HVAC Shops
Mini Storage Companies
Pump Repair Business
Metal and Steel Fabrication Shops
Non-Destructive Testing Companies
Restaurants: Family Type
Muffler Shops
Packaging Companies
Retail: Audio and Video Shops
Overhead Cranes and Hoists Service and Supply Companies
Post-Secondary Schools
Retail: Computer Stores and IT Service Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies
Public Relations Companies
Retail: Ladies and Men’s Fashion and Apparel Stores
Professional Practices
Pump Manufacturing
Residential Cleaning Companies
Real Estate Brokerage
Restaurants: Pizza and Fast Foods
Restaurants: Formal and Fine Dining
Retail: Cellular Stores
Retail: Bridal Wear
Retail: Jewelry Stores
Retail: Home Décor