Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions Inc. will facilitate transactions where two or more companies are merged into one, possibly capitalizing on synergies, strategic objectives, and more.

Typically, in a Merger, the two or more become one company and one of the management teams or a combination of the merged companies becomes the new or dominant management.

There are multiple reasons for merging two or more companies, where the objective and result is to create value as a result of synergies between the companies being merged, and where economies of scale or economies of scope can be taken advantage of such as sharing or transferring of competencies, or sharing infrastructure and more.

Some Examples of Reasons for Mergers:

  • Suppliers or customers that may be strategic or synergistic.
  • Competing entities or industry buyers with strategic or synergistic focus and/or results.
  • Product or market extensions where complimentary products are key and strategic objectives are often desired.
  • Vertical integration upwards or downwards on a supply chain.

Buyer(s) can be private or public companies.

See the M&A General Overview for additional information on the specifics of mergers.

selling a business process

Selling Processes

If you’re considering the sale of your business, now, or sometime in the future, download our Five Stage Process to the successful sale of a business.