Dental Clinic

dental clinic franchise listing

Business Details

Business Highlights

  • Affordability, the lowest priced provider of dental services to develop and maintain a strong competitive advantage.
  • High-growth, business development focused.
  • Cost savings result in an ability to price services below competitors.
  • Utilization of technology
    • Online scheduling
    • Self check-in
    • Auto-reminders
    • Inventory management
    • Automated marketing
  • Implementation of operational efficiencies
    • Shared operating costs
    • Intelligent daily operations and clinic design

This is a dental clinic franchise opportunity that thrives on a model of strict operational efficiencies and the utilization of intelligent technology.

Franchise dental clinics are independently owned and operated, and have access to the combined resources provided by the Franchisor. Allowing clinics to share costs, resources, and knowledge to increase profitability and maintain a competitive advantage.

Location can be anywhere in Canada.

6% Franchise Fee (% of Collections Less Lab Fees)

3% Advertising Fund Contribution (% of Collections Less Lab Fees)

Initial Licensing Fee