Sell Your Business in British Columbia

Sell Your Business in Vancouver, BC

If you’re preparing to sell a business, rely on the team at Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions Inc. to walk you step-by-step through the Main Street sales process. We bring buyers and sellers together in a confidential environment and manage negotiations until a deal is agreed on and closing legalities are finalized.

Why sell with Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions Inc.?
Business sellers, like yourself, enlist the help of Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions Inc. because we have decades of experience and proven success. Between our professional staff and dedication to confidentiality, there's no better M&A advisory service to work with when preparing to sell a business.
When should I begin preparing my business for sale?
Whether it is an immediate sale or something you are considering over the next two to three years, it's never too early to lay the foundations for your exit strategy. By carefully planning your exit and creating a timeline, you will maximize the value of your business.
How will you protect my confidentiality?
Our firm manages all buyer interest through a process of requiring non-interference, non-disclosure agreements, and a statement of financial capacity. Once pre-qualified, any further materials are provided through a secure data room on a view-only basis to ensure your sensitive information is not arriving in the wrong hands.
pharmacy for purchase in vancouver, canada

Pharmacies or Drugstores

We’ve been retained by a qualified buyer with pharmacy management experience who is ready to make a full equity purchase.

Metro Vancouver, BC
Minimum Revenue $800,000
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movers handling packages

Logistics & Moving Business

This motivated buyer is interested in a full equity buyout or part equity position for a business in the logistics or moving sector.

British Columbia, Canada
EBITDA Range $100,000 - $200,000
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