Are you preparing to buy or sell a business? Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to navigate a successful business transaction by watching our business broker videos. Our informational videos range in topics from exit planning to valuations. To get started, browse our videos below.

Post Closing Expectations
Why Use a Professional Certified Business Broker?
Who Should You Sell Your Business To?
How to Handle Unsolicited Inquiries About Buying Your Business
What to Expect When Transitioning a Business
Promissory Notes in the Sale of a Business
Succession Planning & Intergenerational Transfer
Components of a Letter of Intent
Elements of an Offer to Purchase
Due Diligence: What It Is and What to Expect
You Sold Your Business, What to do with your money?
You Sold Your Business, What’s Next?
Selling Your Business: Effects on Employees
The Role of a Lawyer in the Sale of a Business