Are you preparing to buy or sell a business? Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to navigate a successful business transaction by watching our M&A videos. Our informational videos range in topics from exit planning to valuations. To get started, browse our videos below.

Post Closing Expectations
Why Use a Professional Certified Business Broker?
Who Should You Sell Your Business To?
How to Handle Unsolicited Inquiries About Buying Your Business
What to Expect When Transitioning a Business
Promissory Notes in the Sale of a Business
Succession Planning & Intergenerational Transfer
Components of a Letter of Intent
Elements of an Offer to Purchase
Due Diligence: What It Is and What to Expect
You Sold Your Business, What to do with your money?
You Sold Your Business, What’s Next?
Selling Your Business: Effects on Employees
The Role of a Lawyer in the Sale of a Business