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The Micro Business and Distressed Business Marketing Service is a Pacific M&A and Business Brokers Ltd. initiative in response to the realization of a severe market need.

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Micro Businesses

Micro Businesses’ (businesses with 4 employees or less) represent over 50% of all SMEs, and SMEs represent 98% of all businesses. These micro businesses create jobs, and represent anywhere between 40% and 50% of our economic output.

Seller Challenges

Unfortunately, these micro businesses cannot afford the traditional cost of selling their business when the owners are ready to retire or exit – resulting in many simply shutting down and negatively impacting our economy. They have no way out.

Distressed Businesses

Similarly, ‘Distressed Businesses’ cannot afford the marketing and selling costs of taking a business to market, as they are distressed, and struggling to stay alive. They also do not have the luxury of the time it takes to sell a normal business. They too, have no way out!

We need to keep as many of these Micro and Distressed Businesses from shutting their doors

While at the same time, affording the visionary new entrepreneurs the ability to take these Micro and Distressed Businesses to the next level, or at the very least, provide for themselves and their families.

Bridging The Gap Between Micro & Distressed Businesses and Visionaries

Pacific M&A and Business Brokers Ltd, through their ‘Micro and Distressed Businesses for Sale’ division, now makes it possible for these owners to exit their business at a lower cost. In doing so, we also create an opportunity for visionaries to make their new business start easier than starting from scratch. These micro and distressed businesses may well be good opportunities.

Micro and Distressed
Businesses for Sale

For a nominal fee, we will provide a range of market value, create the required marketing materials, list the business for sale on its own, as well as multiple other websites exposing the business to millions of potential buyers worldwide, from local entrepreneurs to new immigrants looking for that entry opportunity.

The selling entrepreneur will then directly do all buyer negotiations and transaction management saving the thousands of dollars that it typically costs to market and successfully sell the business.

restaurant owner in front of her store

This also gives the opportunity for new and existing entrepreneurs

To seize the opportunity and take these Micro and Distressed Businesses on while bypassing the hardest part of any business, the “Start-Up”. This also allows the opportunity for the Micro and Distressed Business Owners to see their business continue on. This is good for the seller, the buyer, and our economy.

barber in front of his shop

Micro and Distressed Businesses can be such for many reasons

Including lack of start-up funds, lack of working capital, poor management, lack of human or other resources, lack of vision or creativity, and many more. That should not mean they need to shut down and have no way out.

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