Main Street Buyer Resources

Passive Main Street Program

This is a no-fee-to-buyer-based program that is passive in nature. Under the passive program, a professional Certified Business Intermediary will meet with you to determine and understand your acquisition criteria, however your ability to find a business matching your criteria will be limited to the business listed in Pacific’s inventory. This program is designed for those looking for a “Main Street” business where the buyer is non-strategic, non-synergistic, non-industry, or non-financial in scope. You will also be notified of new Main Street listing opportunities that are added to the inventory. Though the Certified Business Intermediary is working with you to match inventory opportunities that meet your general criteria, the search is “passive” in nature and process.

Proactive Main Street Program

This is a fee-based pro-active program that is not limited to passive opportunity matches. Under the pro-active program, the Certified Business Intermediary takes the time to determine, in great detail, the specifics of your desired criteria, succinctly articulates it in a blind solicitation mass mail broadcast using their proprietary Client Relations Management system to confidentially expose the specifics of your criteria to thousands within their internal contacts and those of their affiliates. In addition, they orchestrate a targeted search within the specific geographical, financial, industry, and other such criteria, and explicitly solicit specific targeted potential business opportunities that are not necessarily on the market.

This program is laser-focused in its search matching criteria and designed to generate acquisition search results that are accurate and effective in both criteria match, accuracy, as well as minimizing the time it takes to find the right business opportunity.


The Main Street Five Stage Buying Process