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Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions Inc. Team:

  1. Supports their client’s objectives with a high level of knowledge, experience and professionalism by providing senior-level attention on each engagement through a proprietary systematic process.
  2. Have successfully completed transactions across over 150 industries.
  3. Understand your business acquisition goals, and concerns from the inside because each have bought and sold companies of their own so you can count on their first-hand experience in every acquisition.
  4. Bring the best practices of the Main Street industry to bear with high standards for professional competence and ethics that entails even on the smallest business transfer deals. This unique industry perspective and experience defines their unmatched satisfactory results.

Your best hedge against unforeseen problems in a potential acquisition is to engage the services of a Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions Inc. professional with extraordinary experience.

The Pacific Difference: A Difference You Can See – A Difference You Can Feel

  • Experienced
  • Trusted
  • Committed
  • Focussed
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Proactive Approach
  • Proven Methodology
  • Proprietary Systematic Processes
  • Proprietary Valuation Systems
  • Relationship Driven
  • Extensive relationships
  • Personalized Hands on Approach
  • Full service
  • Knowledgeable
  • Professional
  • Certified
  • Anticipating & eliminating “deal killers” before they happen

Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions Inc. is a highly successful leader in its field with a full complement of in-house support staff to assist in all aspects of the business acquisition including valuations, marketing, due diligence and advisory services.

Pacific’s obvious success is rooted in their solid experience and proven performance and where in each and every case, they begin by listening to their clients’ needs and goals and follow by delivering a highly personal and professional service that results in long term client relationship.

Why Work With an M&A Advisor?

When you’re selling your business, you want to do it right. Enlisting the help of a professional M&A advisor ensures you get a better deal for all of the hard work you’ve poured into your business over the years. Learn more about the many benefits of working with a business broker or M&A advisor in the International Business Brokers Association’s video titled, “Why Work with a Business Broker?”

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Whether you’re selling your service business, your restaurant business, or your manufacturing business, you want to do it right. Selling a business is better with an M&A advisor. To put it simply, you’ll get a better deal faster.

People who use an M&A advisor experience:

  • An increased sale price;
  • A faster sale; and
  • Less stress.

You can’t focus on your business while:

  • Valuing your business;
  • Remaining objective;
  • Keeping it confidential;
  • Finding and vetting buyers;
  • Structuring the deal;
  • Arranging financing;
  • Preparing documents;
  • Negotiating terms;
  • Managing due diligence; and
  • Closing the deal.

Do you have the expertise to do it all? Neither does your CPA, lawyer, or realtor; but an M&A advisor does.

An M&A advisor will:

  • Assess seller objectives;
  • Create a business analysis & valuation package;
  • Develop customized marketing material;
  • Implement marketing strategy;
  • Provide regular status updates;
  • Pre-qualify all buyers; and
  • Coordinate closing.

It’s your business. Want the best deal? Use an M&A advisor!