Gabriel Nuarin

Marketing Coordinator & Graphic Designer

Gabriel Nuarin


Gabriel Nuarin is the marketing coordinator and graphic designer at Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions Inc. He oversees the important stage of preparing to market a business for sale. He works closely with the M&A advisors to ensure that the client is comfortable and confident in going to market with their businesses. Being the youngest of the team, he brings in a fresh presence and a bright approach that is a contributing asset to Pacific’s growth. His other day-to-day tasks include managing Pacific’s social media presence, marketing, and branding.

After graduating High School in the Philippines in 2012, Gabriel and his family moved to Vancouver, Canada. He spent the next couple of months trying to rebuild his path as moving to a new country presented brand new opportunities. He worked for some different projects, voluntary programs, retail stores, and luxury brands where he found his true calling – design. After some years of trial-and-error with different opportunities and programs, he graduated with a certificate in New Media & Web Development from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and eventually found a home with Pacific.

Outside of the office, Gabriel spends his time traveling, gaming, binge-watching shows, playing basketball, and enjoying his new home. He is an avid shoe collector, proudly owning some well-beloved and well-known collector’s items, and is also a hardcore NBA fan, supporting the New York Knicks.