Leon Yin

CFA, FRM, Business Broker and M&A Advisor

Leon Yin



At the age of 22, Leon Yin started his first business distributing computer graphic chips to Radio Shack. Although the business was permanently closed after two years, Leon learned a very important lesson – every opportunity has a cost just like there is weakness on the other side of strength. That’s when he found his calling in intrinsic valuation, which is finding the true value of an investment through complexities and market noises. From managing a $300 million investment portfolio to operating as an equity partner, intrinsic valuation and a transparent execution process have been guiding Leon through every step. Since intrinsic value requires a deep understanding of each stakeholder’s perspective, Leon trusts his job as a M&A Advisor at Pacific to be a synergistic partner, rather than a facilitator.

Leon’s major roles include market development for a public stock data company in 2005; a real estate consultant overseeing an $80 million real estate investment portfolio in 2008; and a registered investment advisor and an associated portfolio manager at a major bank in Canada. He was a member of the portfolio management committee for Scotia Capital’s private wealth management division, where he constructed data-driven capital allocation strategies and delivered strong performances for a $300 million investment portfolio. In 2015, he was the top market forecaster at the HollisWealth Portfolio Manager Conference in Miami. His passion in finance led him to start Synertree CMS Inc. in 2016, a financial technology company consulting investment funds and businesses on capital allocation strategies and data analytics solutions. He is also an equity partner and CFO consultant for companies in different industries, and has been helping businesses strategically position themselves before their exits and acquisitions.

As an education advocate, Leon does not stop learning. He has a Bachelor in Commerce with a specialization in accounting, and the Diploma of Urban Land Economics from the University of British Columbia. He was awarded the CFA charterholder in 2013, and has been an active member both of CFA Institute and CFA Society of Vancouver. Leon is also a Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certified by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), and has been an active member of GARP of Calgary and Toronto Chapters. He is in the process of obtaining accreditations as a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) and as a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI).