Milton Tonial

Business Development Associate

milton tonial of pacific m&a and business brokers ltd.


Milton Tonial arrived in Canada from Brazil in 2018, with a vastly diverse background of experience. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, obtained at his hometown’s University of Passo Fundo, he is a member of the Brazillian Bar Association (OAB), and achieved his MBA in Business Management in 2017. He worked as a lawyer, sales representative, marketing specialist for two industries, collaborator for an entrepreneurship website, and business strategist consultant.

In 2019, Milton joined the team at Pacific M&A and Business Brokers Ltd. with his passion for communication and his drive for helping others which lead him to the important role as a Business Development Associate, a position which is essential to Pacific in order to successfully discover high probability clients who are looking to achieve their goals in buying or selling a business.

Outside of the office, Milton is an outdoor activity aficionado, enjoying the thrills of hiking and exploring the most unique natural landscapes. Besides playing tennis and snowboarding, he is also an avid reader and is insatiable for personal growth. His joy in life is to invest his time with his close friends, girlfriend, and family.