The Value Proposition

A value proposition is intended to make something attractive to a customer. At Pacific Business Brokers, we want to demonstrate the value we can bring to you when it comes to our business relationship. During this video named “The Value Proposition,” we will show you why you would want to partner with us and the value we can bring to your business journey.

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As with anything, the price must be relative to the value proposition. We are often asked what value, do you, as a Business Broker, provide in exchange for your fees or commissions? This is not only a great question that every seller and buyer should ask their broker, but is also the fundamental and core essence of any business relationship.

We are hopeful that this video blog will help answer the value proposition questions as it relates to using a professionally certified business intermediary or broker and will focus on the benefits you will receive by using a Pacific Business Broker and ought to be able to expect from a professional Certified Business Broker in exchange for your payment of commissions or fees.

The value proposition will, therefore, be our statement to justify the value you will receive in exchange for the fees you will commit to paying us. The following, are therefore not only our promise, and commitment to you, but also our assurance of providing you with the most knowledgeable, and professional service where going beyond the call, is normal.

  • Firstly, when you hire a professional Business Broker who is certified as a Business Intermediary with Pacific, you will be receiving the highest and most professional people in the profession with only a small handful, across the country.
  • Secondly, when you engage a professional from Pacific, you are engaging a whole team of professionals, with knowledge, and experience in all aspects of sales and acquisitions of privately held businesses, from realistic true market valuations, to structuring, financing, negotiations, law, accounting and much more.

I know the above may be somewhat intangible. This, until one goes through the actual process of sale and purchase when one realizes the work involved, the hours involved and the knowledge and expertise required to make the transaction a success.

Here is a summary of the value we provide:

  1. Unbiased and realistic comments and opinions at no cost prior to engagement
  2. High probability reflection and assessment of the most Probable Selling or buying price of a business
  3. We engage in frank and open discourse about the realities, and probabilities, including possible structures, dos and don’ts, critical stages, expectations, net proceeds to you post-closing, and much more.
  4. Internal due diligence to avoid costly and potentially damming hang-ups during a buyer due diligence
  5. Effective marketing materials that reflect the specific needs of the subject business and or potential target byers.
  6. Screening and assessment of buyers to ensure an optimum match, non-disclosure and non-interference with the business.
  7. Successful negotiations with respect to all aspects with buyers, landlords, Lessors and any other parties not only with interest in the business, but also those that may be critical to the transaction.
  8. All levels of coordination, information, negotiations, etc. so that you can continue to focus on running the business which is often otherwise, and where a transaction can unreel.
  9. Due diligence process management including the gathering and protection and controlled dissemination of the relevant confidential information including the use of a secure cloud base data room, allowing for proper tracking, and control of the confidential information.
  10. Coordination of all inventory taking and machinery and equipment assessments and inspections.
  11. Professional management of all advisors including accountants and lawyers to ensure all documents and instruments are received, derived, created and or developed on time and accurately reflecting the agreed to intent between the parties to the transaction.

This typically can account for hundreds of hours of background work rarely seen by many sellers but always cherished by our Pacific clients and clearly evidenced in our successful closings.